UniArm Surgical Support System
The UniArm is a versatile surgical support system that is capable of supporting endoscopes and various hand tools.


  • Can be used in all general surgical and neurosurgical applications
  • Easy to operate by using a hand switch at the distal end of the UniARM support arm.
  • Motion is very smooth when released. When in the lock position the UniARM is strong and vibration-free
  • Works completely on fail-safe Nitrogen brakes, so there are no electronics at all.
  • Main vertical support pillar is movable 30 cm up and down.
  • Easy to move on the floor and easy to store.
  • Works with Image Guided Surgery for a high degree of precision.
  • Various tools, including endoscopes can be attached through adapters.

Works with:

  • All Karl Storz endoscopes
  • Karl Storz Vitom
  • Most other brands of endoscopes
  • Can be modified to hold other products

UniARM featured in the Journal of Clinical Neuroscience:

Infratentorial supracerebellar resection of a pineal tumor using a high definition video exoscope (VITOM)

Adam N. Mamelak, Doniel Drazin, Ali Shirzadi, Keith L. Black, George Berci

ABSTRACT:  A telescope based high definition (HD) video system (VITOM, Karl Storz GmBH & Co., Tuttlingen, Germany) has recently been proposed as an alternative to the operating microscope for microneurosurgery. It remains unclear which clinical situations will benefit from its advantages. In light of the uncomfortable surgeon position and fatigue often associated with pineal region surgery, we used the VITOM HD exoscope system to perform an infratentorial supracerebellar resection of a pineal tumor. The VITOM dramatically improved surgeon comfort and ease of operating by permitting the surgeon to stand upright and in a comfortable position and avoid the need to extend the arm or assume an awkward position commonly encountered when using the microscope for these approaches. The marked improvement in surgeon comfort afforded by the VITOM exoscope indicates that this system may have significant advantages over traditional microscope based surgery for tumors of the pineal region approached using an infratentorial supracerebellar approach. Read article.

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