The highest resolution optics available for supermicro and plastic surgery.

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MM51 microscope objective lens high resolution

The larger objective lens of the MM51 combined with Mitaka’s advanced 8:1 zoom system creates a microscope with twice the resolution and magnification of other surgical microscopes.

The only 8:1 zoom available for surgery.

This unique design provides a brilliant image at high magnifications, and allows the surgeon to clearly operate on vessels of less than 1 mm.


4k camera
& monitor.

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A premium microscope dedicated to addressing the needs of plastic surgeons.

Multispectral ICG imaging included with an option to add fluorescein imaging capabilities.

Ergonomic hand grips and four different binocular heights.

Ergonomic hand grips and four different binocular heights.

Mitaka MM51 high resolution microscope supermicro surgery OH4 stand

- 42X Magnification

- 4K camera and monitor

- High resolution recording device

- Ergonomic hand grips and foot pedal

- The only 8:1 zoom available for surgery

- Four different binocular heights

- Overhead stand with superb vibration-free movement

- Operate in the sub-1mm environment

- Approx. 1400 mm (W) × 2070 mm (H)

- Resolution comparison chart

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