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The best one handed movement and mouth switch motion of any microscope on the market.

A World of Firsts

10-1 zoom icon

10:1 ratio zoom

aperture symbol

30mm diameter zoom aperture

optical resolution symbol

135 lp/mm optical resolution

working distance symbol

200-650mm WD range

Field of View Symbol

98mm FOV at 200mm WD

On screen resolution symbol

90 lp/mm on-screen video resolution

MM77 Side
aperture symbol light-blue

Light is everything

The MM77 transmits more than twice as much light from objective lens to eyepiece making it the brightest surgical microscope ever built.


8-Sensor 4K3D

A huge aperture Mitaka 10:1 zoom delivers more light to camera sensor chips than competitor systems enabling outstanding on-screen resolution for both 2D and 3D camera options.

Independent assistant focus

The spine/rear assistant side is equipped with its own manual focus override for fine focus adjustment independent from the main surgeon’s focus.

assistant focus
three binos no swing arm 77

A compact microscope with three simultaneous observers delivers outstanding ergonomic options for surgeons and assistants of all heights.

EB MM77-full

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