The surgical microscope with MORE

The best one handed movement and mouth switch motion of any microscope on the market.

The only 8:1 zoom available for surgery.

Featuring a maximum resolution 37% higher than competitors, this unique design provides a brilliant image at high magnifications, offering a native magnification of over 20x with brilliant clarity and resolution.


4-chip 4K Deep-Diode ICG-Fluorescence with Green-Overlay. 4K Recorder with Rapid-Replay-Feature, 32" 4K Touchscreen

Tri-fluoro allows for fluorescence visualization of ICG, fluorescein and 5ALA at the touch of button

Boasting the shortest ocular-corpus length of any microscope on the market this microscope is not just small, it's really small.

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360 degree rotating side observer.

360 degree rotating side observer.

  • Horizontal optics make the MM90 the smallest microscope on the market
  • Exceptional mouth-switch movement taking less than half the force of any other microscope on the market
  • One handed movement is precise and incredibly easy
  • 37% more resolution than any non-Mitaka microscope
  • Mitaka’s famous ease of use and high reliability design 
  • 8:1 Zoom Ratio
  • Maximum magnification of 22x
  • 400 watt twin xenon light source
  • 4K camera with deep-diode ICG color overlay
  • Fastest auto balance stand ever made
  • 360 degree assistant tube
  • Super HD 5ALA Fluorescence
  • Super HD Fluorescein Fluorescence 
  • High resolution recording
  • Redesigned shorter ergonomic hand grips 
  • Foot pedal
  • Optional touch-screen monitor
  • High Speed Zoom goes from minimum to maximum magnification in 1.4 seconds
  • Next-generation vibration absorption 

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