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The only ICG imaging platform with HD dual-sensor technology, LIDAR autofocus and LED excitation

Dual-HD camera sensors enable highest sensitivity of any ICG imaging platform. The dedicated NIR fluorescence sensor is specially tuned to see the most ICG while the white-light sensor is tuned for a crisp color image.

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LED excitation light at the camera head provides a safe and stable imaging experience. This removes the necessity for the fragile fiber optics cable used in competitor platforms.

Featuring the biggest working distance range of any broad-view ICG platform.

With 50-300mm you can choose between sharp close-up detail or a magnificently wide field of view. LIDAR auto-focus makes switching between near and far focus convenient and precise.

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The same compact design as previous PDE models but upgraded with dual-HD sensor chips, overlay and LIDAR autofocus.

Brightest med-grade monitor (800 cd/m2).

PDE GEN 3 Accessories

icg drape kit sterile water icons

ICG & Drape Kit

Sterile Drape


Sterile Water

PDE drape icon

PDE Custom Drape

Box of 25 Drapes

Fits all models of PDE

231229 final 8

- Full HD Image

- Two CMOS Sensors 

- LIDAR autofocus

- Green overlay over black and white and color

- Built-in filtered light to illuminate the field

- Best signal-to-noise ratio

- Broad view 16:9

- Compact handheld design

- Budget-friendly buying options

- Handheld controls for surgeon, as well as separate controls for assistant

Camera Unit:

- Approx. 80 mm (W) × 200 mm (D) × 80 mm (H) 

- Weight Approx. 0.55 kg (not including cables and accessories)


- Approx.325 mm (W) × 285 mm (D) × 55 mm (H)

- Weight Approx. 2.7 kg. (not including cables and accessories)

Remote Controller:

- Approx. 260 mm (W) ×  75mm (D) × 25 mm (H) 

- Approx. 0.55 kg (not including cables and accessories)

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