LED scanner providing accurate, true-to-scale volumetric measurement.

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Three models available.

350 NT

Allows horizontal measurement of legs and arms by placement on a high or low table. Optional chair attachment.

400 NT

Allows vertical measurement of legs and arms by having the patient stand in or sit next to the frame.

1000 NT

Alows horizontal measurement of arms or vertical measurement of legs with reconfiguration of device.

Collecting & managing data has never been easier.

The measuring unit is installed in the frame, which is effortlessly pushed over the limb in mulitple configurations.

Parallel-acting light curtains made of photosensors and light-emitting diodes (LEDs) illuminate and scan the limb.

Operation with a conventional PC allows simple monitoring and control of the imaging unit, while the measurement data is automatically stored, managed and evaluated in a clear manner.

Perometer perometry

- Lightweight

- Easy to set up and adjust

- Simple software

- Accurate volume measurement

- Length of Pero-System 1000 NT rail: 90 cm

- Area necessary for Pero-System 1000 NT in vertical position: 60 cm x 45 cm

Area necessary for Pero-System 1000 NT  in horizontal position 95 cm x 60 cm

- Weight of Pero-System: ca. 5kg

- Inner width of Pero-System measuring frame: 31 x 41.6 cm

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