Mobile floor stand holding system to support the most intricate surgical procedures.

Whether you need a third arm to hold surgical and imaging instruments firmly in the operative field or you need additional precision and immobility during the most demanding procedures, Mitaka UniARM® is made for you.


From space to the operating theatre

Through decades of development in the space industry, Mitaka engineers have gained unique expertise in designing balanced device stands, which we have scaled down to support the challenges in modern surgery. The flexible arms are extremely easy to maneuver. But once they are fixed, they are rock solid. UniARM® uses a pneumatic nitrogen fail-safe brakes system that does not need any power support. This feature is highly beneficial for the mobility, ergonomics, and patient safety.


Multi-angle Maneuvering

The system has a very wide range of positions available. Fine-angulation adjustment can be performed manually at the end ball joint.


Multiple applications

Various equipment can be attached to the universal holders. With its rigid and durable design and incorporating a vibration-free, strong-lock position, this system is intended for extremely precise procedures.



The main vertical support pillar is movable 30 cm up and down with a column handle.


Fail-safe Design

System operates on a pure-pneumatic lock control mechanism. This unique function ensures that a failure of the gas supply will not affect the stability of the arm, and in the event of any issues will remain in position.

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